Adhesive Anchor Installer


An Adhesive Anchor Installer is an individual who has demonstrated the ability to read, comprehend, and execute instructions to properly install adhesive anchors in concrete. The Adhesive Anchor Installer must also demonstrate possession of the knowledge to properly assess ambient conditions, concrete condition, materials, equipment, and tools for installing adhesive anchors and determine when it is appropriate to proceed with installation of an adhesive anchor or when additional guidance from a supervisor/foreman/project engineer is needed.


Adhesive Anchor Installer Registration Form


Certification Testing Member: $590 Non Member: $645

Includes study guide, classroom review, hands-on practice, written and performance exams.

Performance Exam Only Member: $320 Non Member: $375

Only for those individuals who failed their performance exam on the first attempt. (no study guide)

Written Exam Only Member: $220 Non-Member: $275

Only for those individuals who failed their written exam on their first attempt. (no study guide)


Friday 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Classroom Review Session/Hands-On Practice

Saturday 7:00 a.m. -  2:00 p.m.
Written/Performance Exams

*Times and days are subject to change without notice.
There is absolutely no photography, audio or video recording allowed at the training, review, or testing sessions.


Individuals requesting special accommodations enabling them to participate in ACI certification examinations must submit a letter from their primary physician to the Las Vegas Chapter ACI describing the physical challenge and providing a proposed solution (i.e. more time, a reader for the questions, physical assistance, etc.).  The Las Vegas Chapter ACI will forward the request and physician’s letter to ACI for direction.  Since the notification and formulation of appropriate accommodations takes time, candidates must make their request and submit the physician letter to the Las Vegas Chapter ACI at least three weeks prior to a certification examination session to formulate appropriate accommodations, arrange for their availability at the session, and accept the registration.


Participant can cancel registration by emailing a request to [email protected] five (5) business days prior to a certification training/testing/seminar/or chapter event to receive a refund of the registration fees less the cost of study materials. Substitutions may be made at any time prior to the event by emailing [email protected]


This program requires demonstration of the knowledge and hands-on skills covered on the Job Task Analysis (JTA) for Adhesive Anchor Installer:

Job Task Analysis (JTA) for ACI Adhesive Anchor Installer Certification

This program requires knowledge and ability in the following areas of adhesive anchor installation:

  • Understanding jobsite conditions relevant for correct selection of installation procedures in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions (e.g. concrete wetness, hole drilling method used, possible embedded obstructions, and air and concrete temperature)

  • Understanding the manufacturer’s instructions (pictograms, text) and using the proper procedures, sequence, and tools to clean the hole

  • Proper selection and assembly of the injection equipment

  • Awareness of the potential impact of storage conditions and verification of the expiration date on the cartridge

  • Rejection of the initial adhesive expressed from new cartridges as applicable and proper procedures followed for disposal of rejected/waste adhesive/used nozzles and cartridges

  • Injection of adhesive into holes at various orientations to the proper depth using proper technique and equipment that minimizes air voids

  • Correct assembly of anchor element in drill chuck and drill settings for capsule anchor installation

  • Recognition of time limits for installation and positioning of anchor element (i.e., gel time) depending on type of adhesive, ambient conditions, and size/depth of anchor hole

  • Installation of the anchor element in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions

  • Knowledge of proper measures for protection of anchor element threads from adhesive

  • Knowledge of measures to secure and protect the anchor element from load/movement during adhesive cure


ACI will grant certification only to those applicants who obtain a passing grade on both the written examination and performance examinations.

  1. The 90-minute written examination is closed-book and consists of 75 multiple-choice questions.

  2. The performance examination consists of two parts, Part 1 (vertical down) and Part 2 (vertical up):

    • In Part 1, each examinee will be tasked with selecting, assembling, and using the proper tools, equipment and materials to drill and clean a vertical down hole in concrete, inject adhesive, and set an anchor to the proper depth and perpendicularity. The Examiner(s) will observe and evaluate the examinees’ performance for proper procedure.

    • In Part 2, each examinee is required to inject a clear tube with adhesive in a vertical up orientation behind a blind to simulate a drilled hole in concrete using the piston plug method. The Examiner(s) will observe and evaluate the examinees’ performance for proper procedure.

Following Part 1, the Examiner(s) will check the vertical down installation for proper depth and plumb; after the adhesive in the tube injected in Part 2 has cured, the Examiner(s) will cross section them and evaluate the size and location of air voids to determine pass or fail.

A set of instructions appropriate for the exam along with applicable Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) will be available for consultation by the examinee during both parts of the performance exam. Both parts of the performance must be successfully completed within one year or the entire performance examination must be re-taken.

Recertification is necessary every five years and requires successful completion of both the written and performance examinations.